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How Technology Has Transformed The Telecommunication Industry.

A gap has really been created by technology between the world we are in currently and the past. This is especially when a study of the olden days is done and compared with what we have today. People are left in awe when they imagine how life has changed thanks to technology. It always comes up in many topics if the ancient man and if he was capable of doing the things that are happening today. It has not really been establishes why this has not been happening since the ancient times. Some people however suggest that limited resources are could be the reason.

The presence of technology cannot be ignored because a lot of things have happened making it quite obvious that our lives have been transformed. This has been effective in a positive way and is being experienced in almost all sectors of the society. The telecommunication sector is one of the most effected by the presence of technology. The importance of communication is being felt in our day to day lives. With little or no proper communication, the world can be in a disastrous situation. Research has shown that this is one of the most improved sectors when it comes to technology use.

This industry has undergone a gradual change from what it started out with. It has also been able to merge and resulted to the improvement of other industries like the IT, financial services, the media among others. In its conception, it was only managed by a few people in every state and this was mostly governments. This is because only a few people had the ability to manage it. The industry was also more regulated than it is now by the government. This was mainly because it was a new field and the fear of exploitation and the fact that it was important to the society and could affect both national, security and social interests.

The fiber optic is one of the latest modification and use of technology in the telecommunication industry. It is a method of data transmission that involves changing of electric signals to light through a special method.

The notable differences between this and the old method are as follows.

The main benefit is that it is able to transmit data by transforming electricity to light.

It is also more reliable in terms of the distance that it can transmit the data over long distances as compared to the older wire cable system.

It is able to share large amounts of data per second as compared to the old ways.

It also saves a lot of space by the fact that it is small in size thus making it require less space in its installation.

These kind of transitting cables are also very secure as compared to wire cables.

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