Buying Contact Lenses Online Safely

Contact lenses, prescription glasses, and fluids for eye care are essential for those who require vision correction. There are also decorative and colored lenses available online. Pricing is cheaper online than the vision store, eyeglass sections at the doctor’s office or a department store, and even some mail order companies. Low pricing attracts volumes of customers which is why pricing stays below physical stores and mail-in pharmacies.

Buyer Beware

Low prices are a definite bonus but cannot be the sole reason for selecting an online company for supplies and lenses. The results can be disappointing at best with the worst scenario being dangerous to the eye and vision. A site that provides name brands only is an indication that customers are purchasing high-quality contact lenses that will match prescriptions perfectly.

Look for the brand name with which you are familiar. Cheaper versions, knock-offs that sound the same, and generic lenses may not match the prescription exactly and may be of inferior quality. Do not cut corners at the risk of sight.

Extended Wear Lenses

Brand names and precise prescriptions are especially important when selecting to wear contact lenses for more than one day. There are lenses that can stay in for one week, two weeks, one month, or three months. Wearers must be diligent about changing lenses on time before they begin to break down. Those that are not top-quality may begin to break down before they are due to be removed.

Test Out the Website

When ordering contact lenses on a website for the first time, place a minimum order and see what arrives at the doorstep. Make sure the brand is what was ordered and compare the prescription on the box with the one provided by the doctor. If there are discrepancies, call customer service immediately. Do not place another order until the issue is corrected to your satisfaction. This also gives customers opportunities to discover how well the site handles problems.

Do not wait until the current supply of lenses is low because the urgency will limit choices. Ask the eye doctor for recommendations regarding websites. Many understand that medical costs are out of control and would rather recommend a suitable site than treat patients for infections or damage. An experienced website that provides only name brand lenses, such as, will have professional staff to answer all questions via live chat, email, or telephone.