Having Arthroscopic Surgery on Your Joints

As we get older, our joints tend to act up on us. They will be inflamed, and we can sometimes find ourselves being diagnosed with arthritis. What if we could figure out what was going on before that diagnosis? It’s possible thanks to a procedure known as Arthroscopy. Doctors use this to go in to have a look around at the joints and then treat it. This is a great procedure, and you might want to consider this option before doing anything else. You might find that you won’t have to succumb to the medicine regime if the doctor is able to treat your joints this way.

The Joints

There are six joint areas in your body where arthroscopic surgery can be done. Your wrist, knees, hips, ankle, elbow, and shoulder are where you would look for those joints. When they start to hurt because of inflammation or injury, you need to see a doctor right away to find out what happened. This is where the surgical procedure comes in. This is not a procedure that requires you to stay in the hospital for a few days. You can go straight home and relax once it’s done the same day. The anesthetic will be placed in the area of the joint so that it can be fixed. Also, using an arthroscope, your doctor will look right into the joint to see what’s causing the problem. In order to see it well, there will be fluid filling up that area. Once your doctor has a good look at what the issue might be if surgery is needed it will be done. If not, then you are sewn back up so that medication can be prescribed, or some type of therapy can be done to make that joint stronger.

The Recovery

The recovery process may involve a lot of pain, but your doctor may prescribe medicine that you need to take regularly. Depending on where the procedure was done, you might get help with some type of walking aid such as crutches. He may have to keep the area dry to prevent infection due to the stitches. Also, you have to rest a while which means no strenuous activities and probably no going to work till you are pain-free or when you a cleared to go back. The instructions your doctor give you during this time are very important. Please follow them so that your joints will no longer be bothering you. You shouldn’t have any stress around while you recover. Getting any arthroscopy fairfax va is crucial to getting rid of your pain. So, you must follow all of the doctor’s instructions. You will feel better than ever once the recovery process is over with.

Having an arthroscopy done is important when trying to figure out what is going with your joints. You want to use your limbs without the pain that comes with them as a result. Have your joints looked at for your overall health.