Tips for Choosing a Rowing Machine

The first question consumers should ask themselves before purchasing home rowing machines is whether or not they will actually use them. Many health-conscious individuals and families find that having this essential piece of fitness equipment in their homes helps to motivate them and makes it easier to keep up with home fitness routines as compared to having to leave home to head to the gym. Chances are if they choose the right model, readers will be equally happy with their new purchases.

Space Concerns

Once consumers have committed to purchasing a new piece of fitness equipment, they should evaluate how much space they actually have to accommodate it. Typical rowing machines have similar footprints to those of small sofas, but different models take up different amounts of space. Hydraulic-piston machines are usually smaller in size, while water and air resistance machines take up a larger footprint.

Determining a Budget

It’s never a good idea to choose any piece of specialized fitness equipment based on price alone, but it is important to determine a budget and stick with it. Generally speaking, though, there’s a reason for higher prices on some machines than others. These machines are often easier to use, have more user-friendly features, and will last longer than their cheaply produced counterparts.

Determining Use

If more than one person will be using the machine, it’s important to buy one that has varying resistance strength. Different rowing machines have different height and weight capacities as well, which is important to consider when more than one person will be using it. Some more advanced machines also allow users to store different profiles, including workouts and programs, which can be helpful.

Read Some Reviews

The best way to find out if a rowing machine will actually live up to its manufacturer’s claims is to find out what other fitness experts have to say about it. Look for reviews that offer information about pricing and machine footprints as well as useful features and user-friendliness. If consumers have complaints about the machines, take them seriously and find out whether they have any suggestions for other rowing machines that were better suited to meet their needs as well.